Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My First E.L.F Products

I remember seeing E.L.F (eyes, lips, face) products at Target and Burlington Coat Factory and was surprised to see make up products, like eye shadows, lip glosses, mascaras, brushes etc. so cheap, most of them just $1 ,the packaging was nice and looked ok but it's the price that really made me skeptical in trying the product and my husband also told me not to buy it coz it's just too cheap that it might irritate my skin.

One day I was looking for a make up tutorial for smoky eyes and I came across Dacey Couture youtube channel. You would think that she only uses expensive brands because the results were so nice, I was amazed to learn that she uses a lot of ELF products on her tutorials, and she really has this nice, clear skin so I thought that this must be safe for my skin too.

So I went to ELF's website and read reviews, saw a lot of good feedback and so I decided to  order online and had a great deal, I noticed they always have promos and specials, and I was able to get the 9 piece Sweetheart collection for $2 a $30 value, after I bought $21 worth of products. So for $29.95 including $6.95 standard shipping fee I was able to get the following:

Everything I got for $29.95!!

ELF Professional Brushes

11810 Professional Complete Set of 12 Brushes
183701 Warm Bronzer
181106  Eyeliner/ Shadow Stick in Midnight/Blue
181222  Pigment Eyeshadow on Golden Goddess

Sweetheart ♥ Collection for $2!!!

And right after you place your order, you may refer 5 friends by putting their email addresses as a bonus they will send you a free gift,  they sent me a 9014 Hypershine Lipgloss in Flirt , but I believe this will vary, as I've previously read that people received different gifts from ELF.

I received my package exactly after a week, which is great, coz I've read that some people are not getting it on time. I'm so excited to try all the products I've ordered. I would say the brushes are great , their soft and they really look nice ( though not as fancy looking as high end brushes), but very good quality for the price of $1 per brush. And the SweetHeart Collection was really a steal, this may not be available anymore but ELF always offers discounts and promos. To get these exclusive offers, discounts, makeup and beauty tips I suggest you sign up at ELF http://www.eyeslipsface.com/

 I will be posting my reviews about the products once I tried them and will share the ones that I really liked and would recommend.

For any comments and thoughts please feel free to drop a line. By the way this is my first ever blog so if there's anything you can suggest to improve my next blogs, would love to hear it.



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